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As some of you know all too well, I’ve been ranting like an old man for years. A friend even suggested recently that I’d surely run out of things to rant about if I kept up such prodigious output via my blog… I think not!

That said, today marks a week since I created my very first blog! Who woulda thunk it – one whole week as a blogger and already an anniversary! So to celebrate, I’m taking onboard someone’s suggestion that I open up mattsoldmanrants to external suggestions. How will I do this? By opening up mattsoldmanrants to external suggestions!

My rants are always based on my observations of life and the world around me, but some of my most ranty rants have actually come from someone planting the seed with me before I even knew I had anything to rant about!


Hit me with your suggested old man rant topics! Anything goes – it’s impossible to shock me and I’m open to absolutely anything at all. No sacred cows, no elephants in the ranting room! If your suggested old man rant resonates with me, consider it done 🙂

Use the Reply function at the bottom of this post to let me know what topic you’d like to see a full-on, no-holds-barred rant about!

For now though, I think I’ll go smear some more vaseline all over the lens, pour a glass of Passion Pop, slide seductively back into my stylish 80s spa-cum-plungepool-cum-round bathtub, smother myself in bubbles and get the faux-antique rotary dial telephone ready. I’m waiting for your call…

8 thoughts on “mattsoldmanrants: Suggest-An-Old-Man-Rant

  1. Suggested rant. People who stop and dither at the top or bottom of an escalator… Also people who line up for ages at an ATM and then proceed to spend hours rifling though their purse for their card!

  2. Matt, How about you think outside the box while running it up the flagpole going forward. Or you could set up a focus group or a steering committee in the analysis space tasked with the sponsorship of a steering committee where resources are leveraged to collaborate and align the strategic objectives with the short term goals by defining the domain space and taking full ownership to drive through the vision and create a checkpoint to establish the reaches of all domain knowledge and commit to the challenge and sanction the action in terms of identifying the pathway to education for a going on the piss accreditation. Or something… You could do a fine rant on that I’m sure!

    • And you know why I’m so pleased you said that Marian? Because I have a fine little draft on that very topic just waiting for me to set to work on it! Tell me you didn’t think of that whole thing yourself!?

      • Yeah i made it all up, but it was easy really, I get through lorryloads of that shite every day ;-). It doesn’t really annoy me any more tho (life being too…etc.). It just makes me gently smile. Keep on ranting you 🙂

  3. The whole ‘walk to the left’ rule that people obviously know but never abide. And any other common courtesys like the ‘thank you wave’ when driving (and thank you in general really!)

    I could go on but that will do for the minute…

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