Matt’s Old Man ‘That’s Not News’ Rant

Ranty old men don’t like much about the modern world. In my case, I particularly dislike the lamentable state of news and journalism.

Today, TV and the web are saturated with an ever-increasing volume of news—of ever-decreasing quality—in what’s become known as the “24 hour news cycle”. Result #1: the death of quality journalism* and the slow demise of centuries-old printed publications. Result #2: the blurring of lines between stuff people benefit from learning and rubbish nobody ever needs to know.

The internet is a veritable bottomless pit of drivel, trash, trivial garbage, unchecked (if not entirely absent) facts and, generally, the kind of inane crap that’s more at home in a social media feed than on a news website.

And this page is where I’m going to call it all out for what it is – or, more to the point, what it isn’t.

Welcome to THAT’S NOT NEWS!

* (yes, I know that’s a sweeping generalisation which, in many cases, has never been accurate)