Matt’s Old Man Travelblog

Since 2009, whenever I’ve gone anywhere on a trip, whether domestically or overseas, whether a long weekend getaway or a month-long travel extravaganza, I’ve gone to varying degrees of effort to update my Facebook status on as close to a daily basis as I can manage. Early on, I started describing each update as my “travelog”and with each successive trip my travelogs got more and more detailed.

I’m far from being the world’s highest-volume Facebook user, but I have held an account for eight years now, so there’s no doubt a vast amount of data associated with it. Thanks to that and the vagueries and technical peculiarities of Facebook itself, my travelog entries had become almost impossible to locate without expending unwarranted effort. I wanted to make them all easily accessible from the one place – and tracking them all down was something of a mission in itself!

But here they all are, the content largely unchanged from the original posts. In some cases, I’ve also photos that were uploaded as part of the original post.

To ensure the privacy of my friends, names have been contracted or removed altogether.

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