Blue sky thinking… my day well spent

Blue sky thinking... if I have time

Blue sky thinking… if I have time

Barely a day goes by when I don’t hear someone trot out what’s fast become that over-used cliché, ‘life’s so busy’. But why? Why must modern life be so hectic, so frantic, so chaotic? What’s wrong with wanting a life of calm and contemplation? What’s wrong with allowing ourselves the time and opportunity to really soak up the world around us and appreciate experience?

I’m convinced that most people are so busy being busy that they lose sight of what’s really important and I feel sorry for them. They’re so manic in trying to flit between parties, pubs, clubs, dinners, lunches, family commitments, work, gym, sports… I find myself wondering if they actually have a passion? Do they even allow themselves the time to indulge in their passions? They’re so busy getting from point A to point B that you have to wonder if they ever have the chance to really see what’s around them, to live in the moment and savour it rather than always planning ahead for the next fleeting moment they may or may not have the opportunity to enjoy.

I’m sure some people enjoy living like that. I’ve no idea how they do it. For me it’s about laying on the grass in the middle of Paris, cold drink in hand, gazing up at the wonder of La Tour Eiffel; it’s watching the expression of absolute excitement on a toddler’s face as her parents’ buzzer lights up and bounces across the table to tell them their meal’s ready at the bistro; it’s appreciating the beauty and serenity of a perfect, cloudless blue sky stretching on forever; it’s smiling at the thought of what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow.

A very clever marketer once came up with the tagline “the simple things in life are often the best”. I heartily concur.

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